Coach Like You Want Them To Sell

Coaches, here’s the number one reason it pays to employ a consultative coaching method:  Coaching is modeling.  What do I mean by this?

Coaching = Modeling

  • When you Engage reps and start with their needs, you’re modeling the consultative sequence you want reps to follow – start with the Real Needs, not your assumptions.
  • When you focus on helping reps learn via your questions, you’re modeling consultative behavior – when reps realize it for themselves, you’re leveraging the Ladder of Trust.
  • When you offer solutions based on their needs (and not your assumptions), you’re modeling effective Demonstration – Leading with the Need.
  • When you gain rep commitment for SMART next steps, you’re modeling another critical sales skill – consultative closing. Focus on reciprocal commitments that move the process forward.

So here are some questions to ask yourself next time you’re faced with the choice:  Coach or Model?

  • What does the rep need? Do I really know?
  • Is it time for my solutions or ideas? Are they even required, or can the rep figure it out?
  • What do I want the rep to DO because of the conversation? Is it SMART enough?

And if you replace the word “rep” with “customer,” aren’t these the same questions you want salespeople to ask themselves every day, every call?

If you answered “yes,” (and I hope you did!), you are modeling consultative selling in the very same way reps should be using it in the field.  That’s a powerful thing!

Coach like you want them to sell.  It’s that simple.