Specialized Sales Systems

Once upon a time in the early 2000s, Matt McDarby and Dan Smaida were colleagues selling and delivering a well-known sales training program to Fortune 100 clients. They won major deals together, but both eventually grew dissatisfied with the limitations of traditional, license-based training rentals.

So Matt and Dan each set off on their own path, Dan creating and installing tailor-made sales methodology, Matt coaching and advising sales management teams on execution. After several years honing their respective crafts, Matt and Dan have merged their complementary expertise to provide end-to-end creation and implementation of tailor-made sales development systems and skillful coaches to operate them

Matt McDarby of specialized sales systems

Matthew McDarby
Managing Director

Matt McDarby is the author of “The Cadence of Excellence: Key Habits of Effective Sales Managers” and founder of United Sales Resources. Matt is a top-producing enterprise sales executive and sales manager, and he has spent the last fourteen years helping sales management teams and their sales forces increase their effectiveness and grow sales. He coaches and advises sales leaders all over the world, and he is known for his ability to help sales managers diagnose and solve difficult problems impacting sales performance. Matt’s clients include divisions of Weston Foods, Cengage Learning, Komatsu, and Medtronic.

Dan Smaida of Sales Development System

Dan Smaida
Managing Director

Dan Smaida is the author of “Love and Selling” and CEO of Real Relationship Selling. Dan has spent over 20 years helping companies build and deliver their own proprietary sales training. He speaks all over the world on sales, relationships, and building sales training that works. Recognized as an innovator in the use of technology to train soft skills, Dan is sought out by Fortune 500 sales leaders seeking to improve the impact of sales development. Dan’s clients include AXA, McGraw-Hill, Stratasys, Sentient Jet, and ASI.