Accelerate Sales


The Best Sales Training is Tailor-Made

No single sales training program on the market today covers what you need without the fat – that’s why you’ve cycled through different programs and nothing’s really stuck.

The solution is tailor-made training – your “measurements” (key learning objectives) are the basis for training – NOT a sales training company’s pre-built agenda.

Specialized Sales Systems offers you:

  • A diagnostic process that reveals and codifies key learning objectives – training “measurements”
  • Access to a FREE pre-built library of models that communicate fundamental principles – raw learning materials
  • A breakthrough approach to capturing and codifying the best practices your best people are already using to execute – seller-driven content
sales team implementation


The Best Sales Classroom is Flipped

Relying on external “experts,” live workshops, and vendor materials is expensive – and often dismissed by salespeople as not true for your sale. That’s why you’ve never been able to sustain the investment.

The solution is flipped implementation, in two ways: First, flip learning development inside-out – use your best people and practices as the basis for training.Then flip the classroom – leverage technology and save precious meeting time to practice real skills, NOT get “trained.”

Specialized Sales Systems offers you:

  • Proven implementation processes that minimize sales disruption and maximize change
  • Train-the-Trainer and Train-the-Coach services that equip pivotal performers to succeed
  • Sales enablement services that integrate training with systems, tools, and processes
  • A la carte facilitation and training to fill gaps and augment internal resources


The Best Results are Driven Over Time

Holding sellers accountable for change is hard to do well – all the incentives in the world fail if sales managers aren’t coaching, developing, and using meaningful data to manage performance. That’s why sales acumen has improved in pockets and not in waves.

The solution lies with your sales managers – the governors of change. First, equip them with the data and knowledge they need to succeed.Then, give them the coaching and feedback they so desperately need to develop their own skills as sales leaders.

Specialized Sales Systems offers you:

  • Coach-the-Coach services that maximize the catalytic power of pivotal performers
  • Sales coaching services that model best practices and impact priority opportunities and accounts
  • Management consulting that leverages data and process to maximize performance management