Expertise + Experience = Results

Specialized SalesSsystems combines over 50 years of sales management and management consulting experience to bring world class solutions to growing sales teams.

Our deep expertise on both modern technology and timeless best practices gives you proven strategies backed by implementation know-how.

We serve as an extension of sales management, helping you accelerate your prospecting, business development, account management, and sales coaching results.


Dan Smaida

Dan has spent this entire century consulting with some of the world’s top sales organizations on business development and sales execution.

Dan has worked with sellers on five continents and spans over 200 days per year working with B2B sellers in various industries. His programs consistently rate the highest at conferences, and his clients will vouch for his speed and results.

Dan has written two books: “The Psychology of Advice: Using behavioral Science to Help People” and “Love and Selling: Suck Less at Selling.”

Joanne Hewat

Joanne Hewat

Joanne brings over 25 years of successful sales management experience in enterprise, B2B, and educational sales.

Joanne has managed sales managers, salespeople, and customer success teams, often simultaneously. She’s successfully managed through digital transformation, technology adoption, pandemics, and market turmoil.

Most importantly, Joanne understands sales leadership – her teams have consistently exceeded targets, and her top salespeople have followed her. Specialized is fortunate to have her consulting expertise