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The #1 Differentiator In B2B Sales

Strong sales management capability is the most important piece when assembling an industry-leading sales force, and it may be the #1 differentiator in all of B2B sales. Stay with me for a moment while I explain why and what you should be doing about it. Why is it that some sales forces succeed and others […]

Pivot, Drive, and Accelerate Your Sales Process

Pivot, Drive, and Accelerate Sales With a Better Sales Process Not too long ago, I offered a comment on a post, “The Death of a (Traditional) Salesman” by Tony Rodoni from Salesforce. Rodoni’s post was well-written, and it presented a common view that I see in the sales blogosphere. Essentially, Rodoni says the ways of […]

The Elephant In the Sales Training Room

There is an elephant in the sales training room. Someone just called it out…again. A few weeks ago, I weighed in on a LinkedIn post from a contact of mine, Jay Jensen. You can see the whole discussion here, but I will net it out. Jay argued that the very same key principles like “features […]